BADBITCHBKK – รู้ทั้งรู้ ( I KNOW ) ft. TARVETHZ

Title: รู้ทั้งรู้ ( I KNOW )

Artist: Badbitchbkk ft. TARVETHZ
Lyrics / Vocal: Badbitchbkk & TARVETHZ
Produced by Black Lion & Meena 13
Mixed & Mastered: Meena 13
VDO : Sorajak Jantrastaporn
Edit: Somdui_FilmMaker
MonsterMom Records

RELEASED: May 1, 2022

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รู้ทั้งรู้ (I know)




Manipulator chronic abuser that’s just what you are
Fake as a 3 dollar bill you fake as a bitch I can see that in your art
Lies like a rug when you laid them down wish I seen them then like I see them now
When you get them crowds when you’re chasing clout hope they cheer so loud you can’t hear me drown

Tear me down, honey
You seemed so proud, honey
Spin right and round, funny
You broke your vows, on me

On another lifetime maybe we could
Fight for this love like I thought we should
But you gave up so do what you choose
When your true self out will they cut you loose?

Just another question, no offense
Ion wish you ill, but it makes no sense
How you poison all whom you claim you loved?
Then come crying like you the one who hurted?

You were a gaslight, I was a stove
Set me on fire so you feel the warmth
Crying all night but it’s my fault
That you fucked up and I made it known

Now I’m in pieces, guess I can’t blame you
For how you treat me, cuz I did see you
Talk to your dad like shit when you don’t get your way but I loved you to death
So I used to say
That you were worth all the pain


[Guitar solo]


Yeah it’s over
แบบนี้กูเมาทั้งวันไม่อยาก get sober
แค่โดนเธอหลอกใช้ huh

Is this heartache?
I wish we could turn back to where we started
I wish we could turn back to where it all began
We could do it all again
We could do it all again

Oh oh oh (do it all again)
Oh oh oooh (we could do it all again)
Oh would you ride with me till the end?