The MonsterMom Family is a big family that is home to many talents who come together to create amazing works in a wide variety of fields.
Our organizational structure, which is stable yet flexible and highly dynamic, consists of:

  • MonsterMom Records

    A record label with artists from a variety of genres and a full-service music production service provider that offers a full range of services including songwriting, recording, and mastering, music video production and music promotion

  • MonsterMom Party

    Comprehensive Event Organizer Services

  • MonsterMom Cuisine

    Food & Beverage Creative Services which consists of comprehensive consulting work on food, beverages, hospitality services and a premium homestyle food producer.

  • MonsterMom Lifestyle Content Creator

    Full-service media and lifestyle content creator include: food and attractions reviews, how-to articles on family life, relationships, socialization, general knowledge, finances and investments.

  • MonsterMom Shop

    Our Merchandises and services